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Osoba trzymająca się za bolący nadgarstekHydrodissection is a Modern treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome in Poland (it is performer routinely in the US, UK and other European countries). It is non-invasive, non-surgical and very effective.
Hydrodissection, is a procedure involving the administration of fluid (composed of different substances) at the spot of increased pressure on the median nerve. Initially the objective is to unblock the spot where pressure exists on the median nerve, this is done by administering fluid under constant ultrasound guidance to control the exact amount and site of injection. The appropriate volume of fluid is passed
through a thin needle, under pressure, in order to “peel away” the fibers and inflamed tissues surrounding and blocking the median nerve - for this reason, a number of patients
feel relief shortly after or even during the procedure. Inflammation n isreduced by the application of a local anti-inflammatory agent and creating an environment in the wrist for the regeneration and rehabilitation of the median nerve.
We are the pioneers of this method in Poland, having performed approx. 10 thousand successful procedures as of July, 2022. In our experience, hydrodissection prevails at every stage of carpal tunnel syndrome treatment - both early stages as well as post-operative complications due
to internal scarring, etc. We never leave the patient to fend for himself. Should you experience any worrying symptoms we invite you for a control visit, during which we may perform  another  treatment, if necessary, using anti-inflammatory or regenerative solutions, according to the findings upon ultrasound examination Any following treatments are not chargeable in the same amount as the hydrodissection procedure. Before the procedure, we perform a consultation, answer any questions about the procedure and perform an ultrasound scan to confirm the CTS diagnosis.
Our utmost priority is the patient's well-being, and consequently a quick recovery.

During the non-surgical hydrodissection procedure, the doctor performs a fine-needle injection that allows the fluid to reach the space around the affected nerve, offten resulting in immediate relief from pain. Everything is done using local anaesthetic and under constant ultrasound supervision, allowing the procedure to be carried out with maximum precision. Hydrodissection carries a minimal risk of infection and there is no scarring after the procedure. The procedure is completely safe for the patient and does not require ydown-time or recovery - you can immediately return to the performance of daily activities. (we do however suggest a period of approx. 5 days without exertion of the hand)

The treatment is first and foremost:

  • painless
  • its duration is approx. 20 min
  • recovery time after the treatment is 5-7 days
  • effectiveness at the level of 90-95%
  • the treatment aims at disease CURING the cause and not just short-term treatment
  • we are very proud of the fact that well over 90% of patients do not come back to us as opposed to those having undergone the standard surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • we exclude the option of worsening of carpal tunnel syndrome symptioms after hydrodissection


Comparison of two (2) techniques of treatment performance:


Photo Hydrokompresja 01 Hydrokompresja 02
Effectivness In the case of surgical treatment, the effectiveness of the procedure is not high. Very often, after a successful surgery, a scar forms inside the hand. This surgical scar may cause renewed pressure on the nerve, and then the discomfort returns. Patients very often have to perform the procedure again several times. Very high effectiveness of the treatment. The treatment is long-term. Recurrence symptoms rarely occur.
Recovery time after the procedure After the procedure, the discomfort passes within 2 to 8 weeks, often not completely. You can return to work within 1.5 months after surgery – the average time for scar healing after surgery. The discomfort of numbness and pain disappears sometimes immediately after the procedure, with pain subsiding during a maximum of a few days. Returning to work is possible after at least 3 to 7 days..
Post-surgical scar An external surgical scar always occurs, in addition an internal scar of very different dimentions  is very often formed. No scar.
Risk of the procedure Surgery always carries risks. The patient may feel better after the surgery, or feel identical compared to the condition before surgery - There are also cases that the patient feels worse after surgery – – due to either the
severing of a nerve or scarring in the direct vicinity.
Performed using a needle the method is almost risk-free. It is performed under the constant supervision of ultrasound scanner so that missing the target is not an option. The procedure itself is performed very precisely and slowly. Theoretically, the risk of
local infection does exist, though
we have never observed this
finding while performing the
procedure for nearly 5 years.
Cost PLN 4000 and upwards  PLN 2000


In addition, for confirmation purposes, we keep a report of the procedure performed and a patient report after the procedure has been performed:

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